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Generation E shows us how it’s done!

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg was superintendent of the Battle Creek Sanitarium in the late 19th century. He believed that diet was the key to good health. “Eat what the monkey eats,” he told anyone who would listen. “Simple food and not too much of it.”

In an attempt to create a substitute for bread, Kellogg turned wheat into flakes — and, by accident, created the first breakfast cereal. To cut a long story extremely short, this led to Battle Creek becoming the “Cereal Capital of the World,” and eventually to Kellogg’s Cereal City USA, a $22 million breakfast food funhouse that opened downtown in 1998.

Using the entrepreneurial mindset and trying to find a solution to an existing problem, Kellogg found an opportunity and chose to take action to pursue it.  Now, Kellogg’s is one of the top 20 largest companies in the world.

The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour met in this famous town for the Generation E Institute Showcase.  This was a historic event because the entire team was there- yep, Michael Simmons, Sheena Lindahl, Arel Moodie , Sarah Green and Matt Heffner all in one place.  This hasn’t happened in about 3 years!

Generation E Institute offers entrepreneurship education to any community.  They incorporate entrepreneurship education into schools and offer a full menu of certification options:  middle school, high school (two curricula), after school, Career and Technology Centers, and Alternative Education settings.  All curricula can be offered as complete courses or “drop in” units into an existing curriculum.

The showcase featured middle school and high school students who had created a business complete with a full business plan.  During the showcase, judges have the opportunity to read business plans, and meet the students to judge their display and their presentation performance.  Businesses ranged from dog treats to chap stick made from beeswax to show roosters/chickens to a teen issues magazine.  Awards were given at the end totaling $5,000!  Needless to say, we were all extremely impressed by how prestigious these kids were and are proud of them for taking action and bringing their ideas to fruition.

In the afternoon, the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour presented their event to an intimate and engaged audience.  One participant even drove two and a half hours just to make it to the event!  Now that’s dedication!

The next tour event will be June 8.  In the meantime, Arel Moodie will be doing a keynote in Brooklyn and traveling with his girlfriend to Virginia.  Sheena and Michael will be going on a long deserved vacation to Europe with their daughter Halle, and Sarah Green (tour manager) will be spending 6 weeks backpacking in Central America!  What a life these young entrepreneurs lead.  Everyone is looking forward to the next event in Western Arizona!