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Youth At Foothills Workforce Investment Board Define Entrepreneurship

Brevard Workforce Emerge Program 2010, Inspiration Through Fire


“I didnt have any baby pictures growing up

They burned in the fire”,

began Extreme Tour Speaker Rodney Walker (20).

The powerful image set the stage for a in an inspirational rags to riches story

with one clear message.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

Both tour speakers,  Rodney and Demetrius, who incidentally shared the same last  name (Walker) started out in broken homes, with shattered dreams, and empty wallets.

Both chose a new ending.

Rodney eschewed homelessenes, caused by a fire that burned his family’s house, and went on to win business plan competitions, start a small video editing business, and attend college.  Demetrius eluded home turmoil, put himself through boarding school, and launched a million dollar clothing line.

“Education, perseverance, and a little bit of luck” was the key, revealed Rodney.

That message hit home for the audience, single moms from rough neighborhoods.  They had been hand selected by the Brevard Workforce Emerge Program for their brimming potential.

“I look back at who I was and can’t recognize me”, one attendee shared. I was product of the foster homes and now I teach teenage girls who were just like me and tell them that they can make something of themselves.”

During a Dream Action workshop that challenged the girls to turn problems into businesses one could hear rumblings of women who wanted to start hair and nail salon businesses, child care services, and come up with new solutions they never considered before.

A day that started with an image of baby photos burning in a fire concluded with a fitting ending. On August 2nd 2010, seventy-five single moms glimpsed into the future, and as of now, that picture looks more promising than the past.