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Entrepreneur shares his Birthday Weekend with the Tour

Gabriel Anderson, president of DynastyWealth, a private real estate investment partnership, is a great example of how our tour speakers are committed and passionate about teaching entrepreneurship. Gabriel shared his birthday weekend with the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour in Lubbock, TX to teach students how to land their dream job in ninety-six hours. Hired as the youngest person in Merrill Lynch’s regional history as a non-registered investment analyst, Gabriel used his experience and dynamic speaking skills to connect with the students. During the etiquette dinner training, the tour surprised him with a delicious chocolate cake and a large juicy piece of celery to celebrate his birthday. Watch the video to learn more!

An Engaged Audience, and another Extreme day of Entrepreneurship!

The great red Tour Bus rolled into beautiful Monroe, NC on Friday as the sun was just coming up. Just minutes from Charlotte, peaceful Monroe was about to experience the entrepreneurial energy and creativity of EET! And that it did!

Students from Forest Hills Highschool, eager community members, regional entrepreneurs, and educators gathered bright and early on a wonderful Friday morning to participate in the Centralina Workforce Development Board’s presentation of the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour. With an all-star cast of speakers and a great facility the tour rocked the house as follows…

A motivating intro from Bert Gervais followed by phenomenal life lessons from Michael Simmons led us to a captivating presentation from Demetrius Walker. Demetrius has been through Corporate America but realized his strengths could be better suited behind the wheel of his own enterprise.This brilliant young entrepreneur that founded clothing company, dangerousNEGRO has since started his own record label. His ability to take products to market with an attentive eye on his niche, is amazing.

A sweet idea generation workshop lead by Bert Gervais, had students pumping out some awesome ideas. We identified many local and global problems, then generated all kinds of entrepreneurial solutions to solve them!
A moving talk from Rodney Walker about what he overcame to become to be where he is now had the crowd in awe.

Finishing up the event with a panel discussion of EET’s accomplished speakers was the perfect opportunity for the eager crowd to gain even more takeaways and form personal action plans for success.

A special thanks goes out to the Centralina Workforce Development Board for hosting an epic event!

Students are inspired to seize their own destiny

Students from Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia gathered on Thursday, September 23 for a life changing event.  Brian Ruby, a 26 year old Extreme Entrepreneur who raised millions in venture capital for his company Carbon Nanoprobes, held a captivated audience as he spoke about the importance of following your passions and seizing your own destiny.

“Most people these days have a fear based decision making process… people run away from risk.  They don’t want to quit their job and start something because they are afraid of failure.  They have a million reasons why they shouldn’t do what an entrepreneur does every single day.  But the reality is… what the entrepreneur does, the essence of what this is… is that he liberates himself from that pattern of fear based thinking”.

Entrepreneurs make their own destiny on a day to day basis.  If you follow that, the money will come.  If you want to challenge yourself in ways that you never thought possible, then this is what you need to pursue.

Brian is changing the world through his work, whether or not he makes any money, and there is no employer that could every offer him that opportunity.  We are excited to follow his entrepreneurial journey!


525,600 minutes- How do you measure a year?

Tour Helps Mansfield CEO Club Spark Entrepreneur Culture 9/14/2010

Students shuffled into Straughn Auditorium Tuesday not knowing what to expect.

To many of the attendees, “entrepreneurship” was a new buzz word being thrown around campus. Some were shocked and intrigued by the 30 foot bus parked in the middle of campus that read “Finding Passions, Changing Lives, The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour.” For Matt Guagliardo, the president of the collegiate entrepreneur’s organization (CEO), entrepreneurship represented more than a buzz word, it represented a possibility.

And in three hours, those possibilities would expand.

Hours earlier, over zesty salads and oversized portions of meatloaf at Lambs Creek Food &Spirits, Matt, whose CEO club

championed bringing in the tour, shared why the EET was chosen to kick off a new entrepreneur culture.“When we saw Michael Simmons last year at the Susquehanna event we knew we had to bring the tour in. He was sincere, informative, authentic,and made you think that anything was possible.”  The entrepreneurial program at Mansfield was a year old effort and they wanted to gain attention in a big way. They wanted students to get it.

Students “got” tour speaker Scott Becker, who connected instantly.

Scott’s unlikely story, of failing at several businesses and then building up a 100 million dollar media company 

that got acquired by Google, resonated. Mansfield  University relishes in the underdog role. “The knock on us is that we are a small community,” student governmentofficer Chris Dumschat revealed, “but the connections, network and enthusiasm here magnifies our impact”

Tour attendee Elisa Morales, an international student, described the impact the event had on her.

After this evening, I must say that I feel I have extra strength to jump higher, to try my best, to answer the phone call,

to work that 10,000 hours and above all to not kissing my dreams and hopes goodbye”

Anthony Clark, another attendee, echoed similar sentiments.

“I went into the workforce right after high school, I wasn’t making a lot of money and frustrated with the lack of opportunities I saw.

I read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad and that completely changed my life and helped me to chart a new course. After attending

 this event today I can honestly say that this is another one of those moments that has changed my life for the better”

Ed Foote, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, praised the students for their efforts.

He cheered the students not only bringing in the tour but for beginning to adopt a new culture of entrepreneurship.

“The students wanted this, they funded this and ultimately owned this, and that’s the type of entrepreneurial spirit we are looking to develop here. We have student like Adam Banroft who is starting a record company, another student Chris who is helping bring a movie theatre to the area and even more students looking to tap into their potential.”

Evan wells and Joe Turdo, who were both part of the process for bringing the tour in, exemplified this spirit.

They drove two hours, from West Chester and Binghamton respectively to see what impact their hard work had produced.

And three hours later, the attendees walked out with a new sense of purpose, promise, and excitement about what new possibilities lay ahead.

The EET bus is back on the road- first stop College of Wooster

That’s right, you heard correctly!  The much anticipated Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour bus is back on the road (watch out I-80)!  The brand new 34 foot bus made its first 9 hour trip from its home in New Jersey to Wooster, Ohio.

Here are a few testimonials from the awesomeness of the day: College of Wooster gets excited about entrepreneurship!

Hilarious outtakes and behind the scenes action at Hiram College 8/29/2010

The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour caught some behind the scenes footage and one hilarious outtake from our  Hiram College event.

Watch for the hilarious outtake at the end!