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EET Expands to Washington in 2011

The first event in 2011 marks the 43rd state for the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour. Traveling all the way across the nation, EET inspired over 400 students in Ellensburg, Washington. The tour collaborated with Central Washington University to motivate their students to get involved in the university’s business plan competition. The winners of the competition will receive $5,000 dollars to pursue their venture.

The university also invited local alumni who are involved in entrepreneurship to speak on the tour’s panel. This included Sandy Wheeler, the founder of Bowflex who gave the keynote presentation during the Community Business Leaders Luncheon earlier in the day.

CWU also brought the tour to their campus because they currently do not have an entrepreneurship program. In the past, the College of Business has offered a student club for entrepreneurs but currently lacked finding motivated students to keep the club sustainable. The tour spent the evening generating an abundance of interest by facilitating workshops and getting the students to participate in life-changing activities.

One of the ways the tour motivated the students was by bringing in a new extreme entrepreneurship tour speaker. David Gardner, former professional basketball player and the founder of ColorJar, shared his story about playing a pick up game with former MVP Kevin Garnett. Gardner had the students on the edge of their seats. The students left his program inspired realizing that success is measured within.

The event continued by bringing in Elizabeth Saunders, the CEO of Real Life E, who has much experienced with the tour. She brought students up to speak about their personal passions and ideas to get them comfortable promoting themselves in front of large groups. The two speakers were a great balance as they both came from different industries and had experiences that were relevant to CWU’s students. The event ended with much success, as students were eager to come to the back of the room so they could fill out business plan proposals to enter into the competition.