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Y4 Behind the Scenes

Do you ever wonder how the awesome EET events get put together? Here is a behind the scenes look at how everything came together at the Y4 Event in San Bernardino at the Million Air Hangar. Check out the video below!

Over 700 students from the San Bernardino area came together to learn about pursuing their passions and to take action on their dreams. Arel Moodie and Ej Carrion moderated the event and got students excited about the possibilities of their future. Lauren and Duane Spires each delivered moving keynote speeches that helped students understand the LVS (Little Voice Syndrom) and identities that ruled their life. Students left liberated with an open mind about their future.

EET debuts Extreme Checkers, new speaker at Lucas County! 5/18/2011

Hours before we arrived at Lucas County’s Erie Market Fountain room and tour
speaker Brittany Rose made her rock star debut, our team was brewing up
some awesome juice. Watch it below.

Porterville College

Students from the surrounding high schools in Porterville and Porterville College received a visit from the Extreme Tour! On their third trip to Porterville EET speakers shared their personal rags to riches stories and were able to help students realize their dreams and goals for their own lives.

EJ Carrion kicked off the event, getting students eager to learn about pursuing their own passions. Duane Spires followed as the first speaker and warned students against the ‘LVS’ or the Little Voice Syndrome. He compelled students not to let their past shape their future and to break free of barriers inhibiting them from their dreams.

After the Entrepreneurship Club was presented with a check for winning the local Business Competition, Laure Spires made her EET debut. She spoke on being an entrepreneur, a mom, and gave examples of successful business owners and where they started.

Arel Moodie also spoke at the event. In his Dream Action Workshop, he told students his personal story of how he broke out from is past in the Projects and came to own his own business. He urged students to take their passions and put them into action.

Students were able to connect with the speakers after event and share their personal stories, get advice and encouragement from them. Lives were impacted that day and dreams were realized!