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Where in the world is Big Libby?

We have been on the road for three days taking the EET Tour Bus across the nation to get it to San Diego California. It has been an adventure driving through small towns with big tourist attractions and through mountain roads. Check the map below for our stops and our current location!

A beautiful sunset driving through the land of Wisconsin.

Entrepreneurship fueled the economy and expansion of America after the addition of the Louisiana purchase. About 85% of the population during the time of America’s expansion in the West were considered entrepreneurs!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

This is what happens when you drive the RV in the wilderness at night….extreme bug carnage!

Big Libby on the Great Plains of South Dakota.
Badlands National Park, South Dakota.
Mount Rushmore, South Dakota. It was amazing to learn more about each of these iconic presidents featured in the sculpture. Fun fact, two of these presidents had no form of formal schooling…Washington and Lincoln. Anyone can become anything if you really set your mind to it! Dream big and take action!

Big Libby’s Cross-Country Adventure

If you have been to the Extreme Tour, you know the Road Team takes a sweet big colorful RV to get there. This is the unofficial mascot for the Tour and has been dubbed Big Liberty, in respect for the American Free Enterprise system.

Currently, the RV is in Toledo, Ohio after making an appearance at the Lucas County Workforce Development event. Starting Friday she will begin her cross-country trek to San Diego, California for our fall Tour Season. Keep up with our blog to see Big Libby visit some of the nation’s most famous landmarks and her progress to West Coast.

If you happen to see us on the road, honk for entrepreneurship!

EET Road Team: Darlene Sall, Arel Moodie, and Sheryl Tuazon with Big Liberty