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Shasta College in the Cascade Theater in Redding, CA

Right after a momentous event at Feather River College, ‘Team Extreme’ packed it up and arrived in Redding, CA, ready for another event at Shasta College.  Shasta College opened its classrooms in 1950 with 26 original faculty members.  Today, it offers over 30 degree majors, and almost 50 certificate programs!

The event was held in the old town district of Redding in the beautiful Cascade Theater.  With the brilliant minds of Rick Osbrink and Darren Gurney of the Business Entrepreneurship Center organizing the event, over 400 students were in attendance with T-shirts, frisbees, beach balls, and most prominently, thundersticks!

Following an rare, inspirational rap performance by event moderator, EJ Carrion, James Simpson of GoldFire Studios came onstage for a strong presentation for the second day in a row.  Students related very well to his story of childhood sports and video games, then were inspired by his creation of a web media and video game empire seen by over 100 million people worldwide.

Simpson’s presentation of his American childhood was followed by Brittany Rose and her passion for cheerleading.  Rose took that passion and turned it into a successful business teaching and helping other girls become successful cheerleaders through after school programs. Today, she is still pursuing her passion as the founder of More Than Cheer.

With the venue bursting at the seams, Shasta College was a huge success.  The students in attendance demonstrated tremendous ambition, motivation, and focus during the discussion panel as they asked local entrepreneurs questions about owning a business.

EET discovers the secret to changing the world at Lake Erie College

Some things just get better with time. In our fourth visit to Lake Erie College in four years EET discovered an idea worth sharing. See for yourself!

Making Waves of Inspiration at Feather River College

We arrived at 8pm in the beautiful mountain town of Quincy, California to a huge surprise welcome dinner!  After a solid night of rest at the comfortable Feather Bed Inn Bed & Breakfast, the team was fired up and ready to rock the house at Feather River College.  Through tremendous support from our hosts, sponsors, and SIFE of Feather River College, especially Amy Schulz and Gina Rangel, we had over 400 students embrace the idea of entrepreneurship and delivered a solid punch of motivation!

Keynote speaker, James Simpson, took the students into his childhood of feeling inferior in sports as he played alongside top athletes to his love for video games and eventual success pursuing his passion. Today, he is the CEO of GoldFire Studios, has created countless websites and online games, generating over $500 thousand in revenue thus far.

Lisa Bell came out for yet another round of speaking for the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour.  Her dedication to teaching others and helping students find their inner fire is shown in her constant willingness to set time aside to move students.

Currently standing as one of our largest events in California for this season, Feather River College and high schools from the surrounding counties demonstrated their passion for entrepreneurship and potential to churn some of the largest business owners of tomorrow.


Plane to Prosperity: EET FSU Event Through The Eyes of Justin


The energy for our Florida State University tour stop started in an unusual place; Delta Flight 847

Seated next to Director of Fun Darlene Sall, was Justin Vandenbroeck, a bright eyed, twenty-something sporting headphones, a green hoodie, and dusty blonde hair. ”I’m coming in to Tallahassee for this awesome entrepreneur thing what about you,” he quizzed? Holding back her glee, Darlene served a simple response “ I’m part of that awesome entrepreneur thing.”

Justin represents the type of student that tour partners, The Jim Moran Center for Entrepreneurship, SIFE and CEO, hope to encourage. A collegiate entrepreneur with a solar panel business, ProSolarSystems, Justin had just shuttled out of a conference in D.C. with the U.S. Department of Energy, to attend our EET event.Hours later the day kicked off in a high energy way with tour speaker Duane Spires leading the crowd in the Seminole Tomahawk Chant. “Who are you surrounding yourself with?” He pressed on. “Do you have the right team, and the right coach?”

Justin’s favorite part of the event was when tour speaker Lauren Berger, The Intern Queen, shared her story of hustle. “I scooped up a dirty business card from the floor, cold called the executive and turned that call into an opportunity.” She shared.  We caught up with Justin after the event and he confessed that the event exceeded his expectations. “I networked with over 70 FSU students I didn’t know were into entrepreneurship, and the local panelists were people I had been trying to meet for months but couldn’t get a hold of.. this was awesome!”


Cosumnes River College – Venue Bursting at the Seams!

In 1970, Cosumnes River College of Elk Grove came into light, offering classes to university transfer students, technical education, and career training with its philosophy, “Seek Knowledge.”  Today, it is continuing its tradition of seeking knowledge by hosting the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour in the recital hall on campus.  The venue hit capacity with over 400 students in attendance as young speakers from around the country described their past struggles, sources of motivation, and ultimate success as entrepreneurs.

Duane Spires of Extreme Youth Sports in Tampa, Florida and Lisa Nicole Bell of Inspired Life Media Group dedicated their time for a second event in just one week. The dedication of these successful young entrepreneurs to teach others has changed the lives of many students today, including one student who expressed his gratitude, “Thank you so much for visiting our school. This event changed my life.”

Thanks to the efforts of SIFE at Cosumnes River College, the regional Business Entrepreneurship Center, as well as the community college district, hundreds of high school and college students were able to attend this high-energy, motivational and inspirational event.

From the Gold Rush to Today’s Columbia City College

In the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains lies Columbia City College within the Yosemite Community College District in Northern California. Formerly a California Gold Rush boomtown, Columbia, CA is home to over 2,000 residents. The college is starting its third year of the Columbia Entrepreneurship Program, offering four courses and five skills attainment certificates, a certificate of achievement, an occupational degree and a transfer degree.

The event was pure ‘awesome’ with a turnout of over 150 students in attendance, thanks to the efforts of Ida Ponder, professor at Columbia City College, and Terri Hicks, Director of the Business Entrepreneurship Center in Kern County.

Lisa Bell of Inspired Life Media Group came out for yet another tour event, this time at Columbia City College. Her passion for the media arts and entrepreneurship has led her from humble beginnings to her current success as a filmmaker, author and entrepreneur.

Duane Spires, founder of Extreme Youth Sports in Tampa, Florida delivered a moving presentation, taking the audience into the dark depths of an underprivileged youth, and back out to his self-made success! Today, Extreme Youth Sports covers over 50 locations and has taught over 10,000 kids, making it Tampa’s most popular children’s sports organization.

Our discussion panel session was exciting, energetic, and positive as students were so strongly moved by the keynotes of Spires and Bell. Entrepreneurship is what has led America into its position as a world power today. Our next stop?–Cosumnes River College in Sacramento, CA! See you there!

Bringing Awesome to Evergreen Valley College

The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour in California brought some ‘awesome’ to the students at Evergreen Valley College. Thanks to Art College, entrepreneur and professor at Evergreen Valley College, in addition to Alex Kramer of the BEC, over 300 students attended this event; some traveling from as far as San Francisco. A moving keynote was delivered by Ethan Austin of, explaining the true meaning of entrepreneurship from his point of view.

City College of San Francisco – Ocean Campus

Students converged on the City College of San Francisco, Ocean Campus for another awesome tour event that was both motivating and informational. Coordinated by Al Dixon of the San Francisco Small Business Development Center and Alex Kramer of the Business Entrepreneurship Center, close to 200 students converged on the Diego Rivera Theater. Lisa Bell of Inspired Life Media Group presented her account of leaving a home in Alabama to achieving success in California by herself.

Fresno City College at Historic Warnors Theatre

The Historic Warnors Theatre in Downtown Fresno, CA held over 400 students as the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour delivered another blow of motivation and inspiration. Organized by Ben Andersen, President of College Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) at Fresno City College, Terri Hicks of the Business Entrepreneurship Center was also onsite to manage operations.

For this event, Justin Anderson, creator of Anderson Trail Original Premium Soft Granola presented his story of success, demonstrating that entrepreneurship is an opportunity for all ages.

Bakersfield City College – The Importance of Mentorship

Truly, a beautiful outdoor event on a beautiful day at Bakersfield City College in Bakersfield, CA. As over 200 students from the college campus and neighboring schools began filling the seats, Terri Hicks of the Business Entrepreneurship Center and Gayle Richardson, President of the school’s SIFE organization oversaw the day’s function.

Often overlooked, seeking a mentor before and during an entrepreneurial venture can make the dramatic difference between success and failure. Bringing experience, outside perspective, and leadership into the equation, a mentor is a priceless asset when starting a new business. More importantly, having a dedicated mentor can provide encouragement at crucial times. Dave Gardner of ColorJar explained this during his keynote address to eager middle school, high school, and college students at Bakersfield City College.

Investing in the youth of America has been the underlying root of this country’s success.