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Rosales sisters thrill Merced students with stories, ice cream, and Wheel of Wisdom

The 800 youth who ushered into San Joaquin Hall at Merced College were in for an extreme treat.

Tour speakers, Nancy and Christie Rosales, co-owners of the Latin inspired ice cream company Neveria Abel 1950, thrilled the students’ imagination with their  gripping story, a “Wheel of Wisdom” game, and yes of course, free ice cream.

The concept was simple, organic strawberry, banana pecan and other yummy flavored popsicles were prized to clever high schoolers who could re-construct famous inspirational quotes, and then brainstorm their own food for thought.  ”We are what we repeat to ourselves” the Rosales sisters explained.  Nancy’s favorite quote? “Life is not a dress rehearsal. This is it!”

Words to live by.

When their business had all but failed, those sage words were Christie’s jet fuel to keep the venture going.  When she made a last ditch attempt to convince her older sister Nancy to attend one more festival, presumably to give away all their extra ice cream, their luck turned around.   A  Whole Foods buyer requested the product and nine months later their revitalized brand could be spotted in Whole foods,  Ferrari shows, and elite corporate parties.  It pays to live in the here and now. Life is not a dress rehearsal. How will you live your dream today?


EET Winning in Escanaba, Duh!

There were many winners at our Michigan Works Escanaba event. Enthused high school students, many of whom were part of the Jobs for America’s Graduates program (JAG) or athletes  shuttling over after soccer and cheer leading practice, were thrilled to hear young entrepreneurs who had been winners in business. Students were especially riveted by tour speaker Lisa Nicole Bell’s amazing celebrity encounters. Her savvy networking and entrepreneurial ventures led to meetings with both Justin Timberlake and Will Smith. ”They taught me two things,” she recounted, “never be afraid to fail, and always ask yourself, before you make any decision, whether the action will move you closer to or further away from your goal.” Winning advice for a winning day.

Blast from the past at Traverse City, an EET Success Story



Our Michigan works Traverse City tour stop featured a packed house, exciting
speakers and a prediction that came to fruition.

“The jobs of tomorrow are going to come from new and innovative business ventures that don’t exist today,”
That was said Barb Sageman, coordinator of the Business and Entrepreneurship Skills Training program, at our Saginaw Valley State University event in 2007. Imagine our delight, when Lance Hill, a student attendee from that SVSU event (seen above), strolled into the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, gainfully employed, as his own boss.

His business, a tee-shirt design business called Hi-Five Threads, gained momentum shortly after attending our SVSU EET. “They (tour speakers) made me believe it was real, to be able to meet local entrepreneurs and other entrepreneurs who flew in from their

busy operations to hang out with us was amazing.” Lance wasted no time make the best of today’s event, networking with tour speakers Duane Spires and Lisa Nicole Bell as well as our esteemed local panelist Jon, the owner of Good Morning America’s top rated ice cream shop,  Moomers. Well Played Lance!

It’s worth noting that after the event the crew stopped by for some carrot cake ice cream and a tour of Moomers ice cream parlor before jetting off to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.




Can you find Andrew the entrepreneur? At Michigan Works Alpena? In a crowd?

355 students, two keynote speakers, and one Andrew made all the difference in our recent tour stop in Alpena.  Andrew’s tee-shirt, spotted by our ninja-like tour manager, embodied the entrepreneurial essence, in washable cotton fabric.


In tribute to Andrew and his idea, that entrepreneurs make their own luck,  we decided to create a picture game called can you find Andrew the Entrepreneur?  His first move was to find moderator Arel Moodie and rock star speaker Duane Spires.




Here he goes.





Hey look there goes one of our tour speakers Lisa Nicole Bell…wait for it…



This just took a turn for the worst.








The man is everywhere!!!



 This is a picture. Andrew didn’t speak today. His message however was clear. Entrepreneurs CREATE their own luck.

Regardless of the economy or turmoil or uncertainty, there are some things we can  control, our attitude and our willingess to try.
Luck finds the doers. There is never a good time to start a mediocre business, but it is always a good idea to start a best-in-class business.
Why? Because entrepreneurs jump out of the plane and build a parachute on the way down. As Andrew so expertly reminded  us, entrepreneurs create their own luck.  Cheers!

School Spirit Fuels EET Rap Video at Kent State

Even though many of the 550 students who attended our Kent State event were in high school, they were more than willing to participate in a rap video based on KSU’s official colors, Blue and Yellow. Watch for yourself below.

Empowering a New Wave of Innovators in Springfield

Visiting the town who inspired Dr. Seuss and the creation of basketball – the Extreme Team had a blast in the historic town of Springfield, MA. We arrived around 5:00pm – just in time to enjoy dinner at Max’s Tavern with our hosts and some of the event’s sponsors and speakers.

Standing room only, we were able to bring over 400 people together in the Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) Auditorium where we were joined by students from all over Western Mass (including 9 high schools and over 160 students from STCC).


Western Mass local, Brendan Ciecko of Holyoak, was our first speaker. He connected with students who shared his same roots and told them how he managed running his first business while  still in school.  His story and advice empowered many Springfield dreamers!

With a “wave” of applause, our second speaker, the incredible Maia Josebachvili, spoke with grace as she told students her story to success. At over 700 dives today, Maia turned her love for sky diving into her Urban Escapes business recently acquired by LivingSocial. The entire room loved her as she got everyone thinking about to how turn their passion into a career.

After the event we were overwhelmed with the student’s excitement (even selling out of Emcee, Arel’s, books) and they left with the knowledge of the initial steps and actions to take in order to become an awesome entrepreneur!

STCC students stood proud in conveying their passion for entrepreneurship and innovation through the STCC Entrepreneurial Institute. We also felt the love for entrepreneurship form the AWESOME STCC staff (especially Diane Sabato) who made the event possible!

Springfield Mayor and Springfield Technical Community College President

Our Springfield Panel: Trent Guihan, Maia Josebachvili, Brandon Ciecko, Lisa J. Goodman and Michael Linton



Bayside at College of Alameda!

Dr. Jannett Jackson and Carolyn Johnson of Alameda College brought us out in front of over 300 students on a beautiful campus!  Our team was fired up and on campus, ready to go at 8am!  The energy was strong and enthusiasm was high as students were primed by event moderator, EJ Carrion.

Chris Miller and Rob Nicholson, keynote presenters from our event at Chabot College yesterday stayed for a second event in a row at Alameda College today!  Showing a passion to help others, Chris Miller connected with students through his stories of failure and persistence before eventually finding success in real estate during the lowest point of the economy.

Rob Nicholson, inspired students by offering a glimpse into his life as a serial entrepreneur.  His humble beginnings as a food server not only motivated him to work harder, but provided the interpersonal skills necessary in his businesses today.

Students from all over the city attended this event, acquiring knowledge, skills, and the encouragement necessary to take action on their dreams.  Through entrepreneurship and free enterprise, the American Dream is realized.

Getting Extreme at Chabot College!

Following an awesome event in Fortuna by YEP & Shasta College, we took our tour bus, ‘Big Libby’ through the Avenue of the Giants, down the coast and across the bay to Hayward.  Thanks to the efforts of Jan Novak of Chabot College and Alex Kramer of the BEC, over 500 students filled the Performing Arts Center at Chabot College.

Chris Miller presented his story of success in real estate with a message of persistence and the fun of entrepreneurship.  Then came Rob Nicholson, serial entrepreneur and his account of working in a restaurant to achieving success in his businesses.

Tomorrow, we’re headed to Alameda College to deliver another slice of awesome!

YEP! Bringing Becker to Humboldt County!

Redding, CA was a rock solid event that sent shockwaves of entrepreneurial inspiration through the youth in the community.  Our next stop being Fortuna, CA in Humboldt County, we took our 40′ tour bus through some of the most beautiful backcountry in Northern California on Highway 36.

As over 200 students converged on the River Lodge in the luscious green landscape of Humboldt County for a second consecutive tour event presented by YEP and Shasta College.  Thanks again to Rick Osbrink and Darren Gurney, excitement and motivation ran high as T-shirts and beach balls flew into the crowd, roaring with thundersticks!

Scott Becker of Invite Media which was acquired by Google in 2010, presented his journey to success and advice on entrepreneurship.  His critical insight into perseverance in the face of failure and ideology governing all business startups was well received by the students.

Following the success in Redding, Brittany Rose stayed for a second event, characteristic of her dedication to giving back to the community through education.  Her keynote presentation reinforced pursuing your passion and living your dreams, which many agree is the foundation of success.

Definitely a robust turnout, the River Lodge filled up nicely with high schools from the surrounding area being transported by bus.  The discussion panel of six successful entrepreneurs, 5 from the local area answered questions from the students about their experiences in starting businesses.  Check back for our next stop at Chabot College!