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EET Closes Out Season In Chattanooga, Debut’s New Speaker


Our final event of the Fall, a journey that began at light speed in Sunny California and concluded in  Chattanooga,  marked a new beginning for tour speaker  Ryan “The Ferrari Guy” Woodlee (24). In his thrilling debut, the young CEO of Magic Detailing, shared how discovered his niche detailing fast luxury cars.

“You went to college to open a car wash?” his mom rebuked when learning of the news. “It’s not a car wash mom, I detail Ferraris.” His candid, at times heartbreaking, recount of his struggles as a young entrepreneur, inspired the youth as well as staff members of Southeast Tennessee Workforce Board. ”I had no customers my first year, and my dad passed away at 21,” recalled a resilient Ryan. “I wouldn’t give up on my dream.”

He started in humble fashion,  detailing modest cars out of his driveway. The turning point came at an auto show where he met the wife of a man who restored Ferraris. He would later invite the couple to dinner and forge a mentorship that brokered his entry into the exclusive and high end world of Ferraris-a feat normally reserved for people in their 40′s.

For those in the crowd who suspected the 24 year old Ferrari expert succeed fast, he was quick to pump the breaks and remind them he had worked at a shop and detailed cars since he was fourteen years old. Eight years and 10,000 hours later translated his passion into a successful venture. Where will you be tomorrow if you start today? We can’t wait to find out. Happy holidays!