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West Valley College – Where the students Think and Grow Rich

The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour closed this EET season at West Valley College in the absolutely stunning Saratoga, CA. Over 300 energetic students participated in the event – all eager to lean how they too could Think and Grow Rich (a Top Book recommended by the entrepreneurs though the day)!

Evan Kirkpartick flew in form LA to share his story with the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour for the first time. His positive attitude and character shined through as he faced travel challenges through airline delays and some speed-bumbs on the way in. Props to him for going the distance in order to share entrepreneurship at all costs!! We were delighted to have him on as part of the tour and he rocked his debut as an EET speaker!

Check out this picture on the right – it is from the flight in to the San Jose Airport. Awesome views!

While it was Evan’s first time speaking on the tour, Eric Corl joined us for this event as a seasoned EET Speaker. I was very interested to learn that Eric Corl attended the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour while he was a student at Ohio State University about 5 years ago.  Founders of the Extreme Tour, Michael Simmons and Sheena Lindahl, were conducting one of their first events with entrepreneurs Adam Whitty and Ryan Allis. Entrepreneurship was not main stream at the time so Eric was thrilled to meet other like-minded people. He befriended the team and still maintains that relationship today. Since then Eric has co-founded, founded and co-founded He continues to share his passion for entrepreneurship – it was apparent as there was a constant line to speak with him after his keynote!

A huge thank you to West Valley College for being so dedicated to your students. Your passion for the entrepreneurship mindset shines though and made for a fantastic event!!

Extreme Fun at the College of the Sequoias

As the Tour Manager for the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour I know it is generally a fun atmosphere, but the College of the Sequoias set the bar at an all time high for one of the most fun events I have ever been to! Thanks to Fiona, we were given blown up beach balls to place around the venue and to throw in the crowd. It wasn’t uncommon to see our speakers and audience playing beach volleyball in between networking breaks, which made for an all time awesome event! If that wasn’t cool enough, we had audience members come down and show off their dancing schools, including a student rapping for the crowd!

Thanks to College of the Sequoias for being a part of the most awesome Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour events I’ve ever had!

Susanville California

We arrived at Lassen Community College (LCC) bright and early Friday morning bringing with us high fives and team awesome, up and ready to inspire students and the community to dream big!

Lassen Community College is nestled amid the tree filled beauty of Susanville California. Dr. Garrett Taylor, LCC Business Instructor, kicked off the event. Dr Taylor, in collaboration with the Shasta BEC and Feather River College is bringing entrepreneurship support and awareness to the community.

Students came to the event thinking that one of the only favorable career paths would be working for the state or government. After the event, students came up to us, telling us that they found a new hope in making their ideas, a reality.

Here is what students had to say after the event:

“I learned you have to fail to succeed”

“You must take action like Mike did”

“I learned you must make small manageable goals”

“Don’t let anyone tell you no, you can do it. Start a business and prove them wrong”

Thank you Lassen College for an awesome time! We hope to see you again next year.



Greenville California

The tour’s next stop was Greenville California, in Plumas County. The students were excited to hear Mike Pronovost from Fresno talk about how he created one of the world’s fastest high-speed internet networks. He has worked on collaboration projects with Microsoft, Citrix, and Verizon. Mike’s advice to students is “Don’t let others tell you what you can do, and can’t do”.  Pursue your dreams and make your dreams a reality.

Thank you for bringing us to beautiful Greenville California. It could not have been possible without the BEC, Shasta College YEP (Rick and Darren), Amy Schultz from Feather River College YEP. We are happy to be apart of helping students reach their dreams and start a business in your community.

Next Stop – Susanville California!