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HARLEM SHAKING at Catawba Valley Community College

Participants and event team gather around for a group photo, while encouraging each other with high fives.

Click the photo above or WATCH THIS ——> EET Harlem Shake

The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour and Catawba Valley Community College teamed up after our Tour event to do the Harlem Shake. Put a bunch of entrepreneurs in a room together and you’ll never know what will happen!





Making an ExtremeE Splash in Flagstaff, Arizona!

We had a great event at Northern Arizona University (NAU), where the entrepreneurship spirit flourished at every minute as students and professors vigorously shared their visions and ideas. The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour (EET) at NAU was part of an ongoing set of entrepreneurship events that have the purpose of encouraging students to take action and develop their business ideas.

EJ Carrion at the beginning of the event.

The event started with EJ Carrion as the moderator. He began with an energetic introduction and a set of activities to break the ice among the students, this made the event more interactive. Everyone was having a great time learning from their classmates and from the stories that EJ Carrion told. Once everyone was in an entrepreneurship mood, Devin Lars, CEO/President of Doing Everything Different, told his entrepreneurial journey to the NAU students. He explained how he started his business, and all the obstacles he encountered on its way to produce his own clothing, as well as developing products for others.

Panel of Questions

At the Idea Creation Workshop led by EJ Carrion, students had the opportunity to write their ideas on paper and sketch a plan on how to accomplish them. This was a great step for all the students who have an idea but don’t know where to start. Before the event was over, Jason Jannati shared with them some tips and advices that have helped him to succeed in his business. Jason is a founding member of the Howard County Business Council; he plays a key role in fostering the development of important relationships within the energy efficiency industry. At the end of the event, students were talking about how insightful his talk was, and kept asking him questions and advices for themselves. Also, two local entrepreneurs participated together with Devin Lars and Jason Jannati at the panel of questions, where students asked them advices on how to keep moving with their business ideas, as well as what should be the next step they ought to take to materialize them.
The EET event at Flagstaff, Arizona was possible thanks to the effort of the people at Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (NACET) and NAU. We hope to go back one day and keep motivating students to accomplish their entrepreneurial dream.

Some of the NAU students at the end of the event.