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Double the Fun in Merced!

EET touched down in Merced, California for back-to-back events. Merced College and the Center for International Trade Development welcomed us with open arms.

Arel Moodie kept two separate crowds of about 350 youth hype with high-fives, chants of “you are awesome”, and delivered a great talk on starting your business around the basis of solving other people’s problems.

Christie and Nancy Rosales were the keynote speakers. Their story of perseverance through adversity was a good one. They shared with the group how they took something as simple as ice cream, and made it very unique and profitable by adding nontraditional flavors. The Rosales sisters also talked about goal setting and finding a quote to live by — especially when things get difficult.

Merced has been good to EET!

First Time in Iowa!

EET team hit the great state of Iowa for an amazing event. The staff of Iowa Works in Burlington created a seamless process for the team.

The Very awesome EJ Carrion got the crowd of 350 youth pumped up with high-five action, lead them in “the wave”, and captivating stories of skydiving and not quitting on their dreams.

Steve Washington was present and executed an awesome keynote. He started off by telling stories of things he witnessed in the mean streets of west Philadelphia. Then, he painted a picture with his words of how he made his way through college as a clothing middle man. He then stepped up his game as a middle man on a much larger scale in real estate.

Sarah Schupp, founder and CEO of University Parent, gave an excellent talk. She admitted she had never been introduced by “the wave” as a greeting, but she loved it. Her message of building a successful business without having a lot of money to do so was one that definitely caught the attention of every one in attendance.

EET team is leaving Iowa, but we have a strong feeling that we will be back!

So Nice We Did It Twice with Shasta College in CA!

The EET team moved on south after our awesome event in Redding, CA, down to Chico, CA for even more awesomeness. We were lucky to be in another beautiful theater, El Rey, in downtown Chico and be back again with Rick and Shasta College.

Our indefatigable moderator EJ Carrion got the crowd of 150 high school students going with high-five competitions, t-shirt and Dutch Brothers Coffee gift cards giveaways and his thrilling, dynamic stories of skydiving and what motivated him to succeed in life.

Ryan Everson was back again to inspire the crowd with his journey from being an attendee at the Tour to becoming a successful entrepreneur and now being a speaker on Tour. Ryan encouraged the crowd to start small when starting their business and to get help in areas where they may need it, like accounting. Ryan also revealed that his first business plan came from a similar competition to the 7th annual YEP business competition that Shasta College is kicking off this week.

Chris Koerner also with the Tour for a second day and coached the crowd to look for markets that could become big business.  Chris confessed that he even opened a website business to see if there was any demand and had to turn away business when there was too many orders! He also shared about overcoming setbacks that no one could plan for- like tornadoes decimating all of your store fronts- and how his business was able to survive it.

While the EET team is leaving California for now, we’ll be back bringing the inspiration of entrepreneurship to all!

The Boys are Back in Town for Shasta College in Redding, CA!

Back by popular demand, the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour has come once again to Redding, CA to inspire students with Shasta College!

Nearly 300 high school students were encouraged by our veteran speakers, Ryan Everson and Chris Koerner, and crowd pleasing moderator EJ Carrion.  Not only did EJ’s stories delight, but the t-shirts, Dutch Brothers Coffee gift cards and other prizes were also got the crowd going.

Ryan (dubbed “chick magnet” by an attendee) came out west from Michigan, even missing two of his classes, to meet up with the tour once again. Ryan energized the crowd with his non-traditional journey, by starting his first business from the proceeds of the sale of his car and later going back to school after his business success to make his mom happy.

Chris (“baby maker” according to the same attendee) came up from Alabama to share his inspiring story of being a young parent and juggle all the responsibilities that come from having a growing family. While Chris at times had to do jobs that he might not have wanted to do, he has been able to become the successful entrepreneur he has wanted to be.

Students got all mixed up networking when EJ had them find other students who wore the same color shirts or had the same birthday month with the beat thumping and the lights flashing. At panel, the students were able to get great advice from our speakers and see what ideas their fellow students were cooking up themselves.

While this great event came to an end the EET team is going on wards and upwards (or er south) to Chico, CA to spread the word of entrepreneurship!

Inspiration & Ice Cream at Springfield Technical Community College

From the corners of Texas, Illinois and North Carolina, through the power of American Airlines, EJ, Laura and Abigail were brought together by Diane Sabato to put on a spectacular event at the Springfield Technical Community College in Springfield, MA!

To kick things off, Mayor Sarno of Springfield welcomed back the Tour after a two year hiatus and introduced the one and only EJ Carrion, who as always brought his high-octane moderator mojo and got the crowd going for our two fabulous speakers, Chad French and Christie Rosales.

The Tour was delighted to have for the first time Chad French, a high school dropout and teenage parent who has gone on to be a successful entrepreneur. Chad gave a motivating speech about overcoming early struggles and his how favorite quote “If you can’t you must, and if you must you can” inspires him.

The crowd of 400 high school and STCC students also got to hear from Christie Rosales, a gourmet Latin-flavored ice cream maker (yum!) who has been on the Tour with her sister previously but was solo for the first time. Christie and her sisters looked to inspirational quotes when they were starting their business and Christie had the audience share some of their favorites.

To wrap up our amazing day, we had an outstanding panel of local entrepreneurs in addition to our speakers. Mark Chamberlain, Mychal Connolly, Lisa Johnson Goodman and Edilena Florentino all came by to give us a hand with helping students realize and accomplish their dreams of entrepreneurship. The students and panelists made some great connections, with some panelists going as far to offer internships or apprenticeships to students who are interested in their industry.

After wrapping up the event our team and speakers will be once again spread across the country but will soon reunite to spread the inspiration of entrepreneurship to all!