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What it’s like to be on tour with Extreme Entrepreneurs

The Extreme Tour just completed a four-day road tour in California with Arel Moodie as the moderator, and Devin Lars as the keynote speaker. We had more fun then I could have even imagined, and throughout our four days together I captured the sights and sounds of what it’s like to be on tour.


We started the week in San Mateo, CA with a quick stop at FedEx and Trader Joe’s. After arriving at our hotel, Arel and I headed to downtown San Mateo in search of some incredible food. We hit the jackpot! I had a kale salad and an all-natural energy drink.


The following day we arrived at West Valley College for our first of three tour events. It was an excellent event with over 300 students participating throughout the event. Arel Moodie had the students on the edge of their seats, and Devin Lars helped students understand their vision.


We then quickly packed up, and headed to Skyline College to get prepped for the following days presentation. Arel and I didn’t get too much prep work in, seeing that we both fell asleep in the van shortly after arriving on campus. (Wish I had a picture).


The event at Skyline College was another huge success. We had a bunch of local high school students attend, and helped advance the mission of Skyline College to give more and more students the opportunity to pursue entrepreneurship as a career.


After packing up, and saying goodbye to the event hosts, and sponsors, Arel and I headed over to see Devin Lars’ office and shop. Devin is the Co-founder and celebrity fashion designer of Doing Everything Different, a positive clothing line that is inspiring people across the country.

We also enjoyed some incredible food, compliments to Garden Fresh, which is a local vegan restaurant in the San Francisco area.


We finished up our week at Chabot College with a bang! Over 275 students came out and listened to Arel and Devin talk about how to take an idea and make it a reality.


Talk about an incredible week of fun! We finished the week with a tour of a local startup in the San Francisco area and ate a mountain of food at Benihanas.

It was an incredible week, filled with excitement, energy, inspiration, motivation, and determination.

I can’t wait to do it all again!