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Why You Should Start Today

Each and every single one of us start at a different place in life.

Skyler Sutton is a young, serial entrepreneur, currently CEO of both Rain and MyChamberApp. He’s got a list of accomplishments that would be the envy of many young business people. But his success wasn’t the focus of his keynote presentation last Saturday at a regional FBLA conference in Susanville, California.

When he took the stage to speak to over 450 students breaking from presentations and competitions, Skyler opened up about his difficult upbringing and business journey. He shared the grave details of not being able to afford much, including how that led to wanting a Happy Meal more than anyone I’ve ever met.

But the start is not the end, or even the middle.

Skyler started with little, instead of letting little stop him. With very little money, and his brother for a partner, Skyler started an aquarium service and cleaning business that grew to over $750,000 in revenue. He took action every single day, and created something he was passionate about… even if the original goal was simply not to ever miss buying a Happy Meal with his friends again!

We all start from a different situation. We all experience different things growing up. What we all have in common is that our path to greatness will not be easy. We all have our own share of doubts and insecurities. We have our own reasons we think we can’t.

But we get to choose whether that is where we stop or where we start.

We  also all have in common the ability to start from anywhere, and to go anywhere. We can start a website, launch a KickStarter campaign, provide a service, or change the world in our own unique way.

We are the first generation to have to ability to start almost anything, from our phones. We can start a business, build an app, or launch a product.

So start! Research something you’re interested in. Reach out to someone who could help you. Build the first prototype. Serve your first customers. No matter your background, or circumstances, your IQ or GPA, start something today. Take little actions every day to move closer and closer to your dreams, and don’t ever give up on what you started.