SEMCA – May 13, 2014


EJ Carrion asked for a volunteer in the middle of SEMCA’s EET event. Young Frankie raised his hand. EJ told Frankie that he was about to get the BEST prize of the whole event… and proceeded to give him a piece of tape. Yes, thats right, a piece of tape.

“Aim high…”

EJ asked Frankie to place a piece of tape on the wall with as high as he possibly could.

Frankie  walked up to wall got on his tippy toes and even did a little jump to get the tape as high as possible. EJ looked at the tape, looked back at Frankie, and said “Okay, not too bad… BUT I think you can go even higher than that.”

EJ then pulled out a $10 bill and (using his jumps) to taped that $10 bill about a 12 inches higher than Frankies “highest possible” reach. By placing the bill even higher, EJ gave Frankie a new goal. If he could reach it, the $10 would be his.

He jumped. Miss.

He jumped even higher! Miss.

He got a running start. Jumped. Slammed into the wall. Miss.

He got on the first step next to the wall. Jumped. Missed.

(I have a heart palpitation because I’m not not sure if the Tour is insured for this…)

He got on the SECOND step next to the wall. Jumped. Missed.

(You think you see where this is going…) 

He got on the SECOND step next to the wall. Jumped. But guess what… Frankie grabbed it!

The audience burst into applause and I started breathing again. In EJ’s happiness he turned him into the hulk and he ran over to pick up Frankie then did a victory lap around the stage.

Turns out, he tape was not the prize after all. The prize EJ was referring to (the best prize of the entire event) was actually two very important life lessons:


1) The importance of GOAL SETTING

2) The importance of INNOVATION and RESILIENCE.

Thanks to Frankie for these awesome lessons!

What did you take away from it?

Written by Laura MacMinn ( 

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