IWCC – Sept 25, 2014

Does your idea stink?

Brittany Hodak, co founder of ZinePak was the featured keynote speaker at the recent Iowa Western Community College Event in Council Bluffs Iowa on September 25.

Brittany has seen a lot of success in her company and now lives in a Manhattan sky rise that has more people occupants than her entire home town back in Oklahoma.  She made it clear that she was no different than the students sitting in that room. She too had an idea, and she was determined to make it reality!

She shared about how being a CEO can be really awesome (most of the time) and gave her Top 12 Entrepreneurship Hacks for the students in attendance.

Brittany calls herself an “accidental entrepreneur” because she didn’t even want to be an entrepreneur until she got fed up and Googled “how to start a company.”  She had a great idea, but no one would listen.

The night before her presentation, Brittany was addressing how most people don’t want to share their idea because they are afraid someone would steal it. I wrote down what she said, because it makes so much sense:

Ideas are easy. Execution is really hard. Someone can copy your idea, but they won’t be able to copy your passion.

You should not be afraid.

Don’t be afraid that someone is going to steal your idea. In fact, you should share your idea with as many people as possible. The people you trust not to steal it (your BFF, your Mom, your roommate, etc.) will LIE to you; they will lie because they love you. Try to find people who will have honest discussions with you and can bring points to light that you can’t see.

Brittany’s advice is to come up with a GREAT idea (really, make sure it does not stink) and tell people about it. Everyone you possibly can. When they question you, be able to PROVE that it is a great idea and trust the passion that can’t be duplicated.



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