Stanly Community College – October 13, 2014

The closing panel at last Monday’s EET event was like none other. The 300+ youth in the audience were so impressive; it seemed that the more questions that were asked, the deeper and more impressive they got. The participants at this event were soaking up every drop of knowledge our panel of experts had to share!

Along with 3 other amazing entrepreneur panelists, Bradley Todd shared many words of wisdom. One of the crowd favorites (and turned out to be a quote of the day) was his answer:

There are many ways to skin a cat.

Brad shared this old southern expression after being asked what he learned though being entrepreneurial. The saying speaks to innovation. That if one way does not work, you just have to be creative to find another way.

After the event, Brad invited EET Moderator, EJ Carrion, and Keynote Speaker, Devin Lars, out to see his his farm after the event. The EET team took a 20 minute drive through the NC country to find Lucky Clay’s Fresh, a very innovative aquaponics farm that produces fresh fish and organic produce. They raise tilapia and freshwater shrimp in the greenhouse, along with a wide array of organically grown, seasonal heirloom vegetables.

Learn more about how aquaponics works here!

The team had a BLAST at this event and are were so incredibly impressed with the interactive extreme future  entrepreneurs in attendance!


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